There are two types of removable dentures:
Full and partial.
A full denture is necessary if all the teeth are missing and a partial denture replaces individual missing teeth. Both types of denture can be made from plastic, sometimes with a metal framework.

What will my dentist do to make my dentures?

To begin with the dentist will take impressions using alginate, a soft putty which is loaded into specially shaped trays and then an impression is taken of the inside of your mouth. Once the alginate sets (not very long), it is removed and sent to a laboratory where wax models are made.
Further visits allow you and your dentist to make any adjustments which are necessary before the dentures are finished.
Occasionally you may need to have your new denture adjusted as your mouth becomes accustomed to it.

The benefits of dentures

Dentures can help your appearance, your speech and can improve your ability to chew certain kinds of foods.
Sometimes dentures can be fitted immediately after extractions. These will need early replacement whereas other dentures may last at least 5 years.